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Tag: Free

  • Humpday Haul ♡ Bridgerton, Jane Austen and Free Wallpapers

    So did anybody else spend their Christmas period binge-watching Bridgerton in it’s entirety? I swear, I went from talking like a Northern chav to one of the high society’s well-seasoned debutantes in almost a few minutes. The problem I’ve found, is that I just can’t stop! Between the beautiful high fashion, the use of proper…

  • Free eBook ♠ The Sun and Her Star by Dylan Allen

    “An absolute MUST READ!” Shanora Williams, New York Times Bestselling Author The Sun and Her Star, a beautiful and emotional standalone from Dylan Allen is available now in Audio and to celebrate, the e-book is FREE for a limited time only!  If envy is a sin, then let me be damned. Graham was born to…