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Tag: Ann Valett

  • Book Review ♡ Clique Bait by Ann Valett

    Day three and I actually finished reading this book yesterday, but was just too flat-out tired to write a review. Let’s revisit the rules of the challenge before we dive into today’s book. The rules of the challenge are simple: one book for twenty-six days. Every day the title of the book I read has…

  • Reading Challenge ♡ The 2020 A-Z Reading Challenge

    I’ll admit that this year has kind-of run away from me. It feels like only yesterday when it was February and the UK was a few weeks away from entering it’s first lockdown. Now, on the fifth day of #Lockdown2.0, I’m getting ready for an intensive twenty-six day read-a-thon. I’ve handpicked all the books on…