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Category: New Adult

  • Book Review ♡ All I’ve Wanted All I’ve Needed by A.E. Valdez

    I’ve always loved reading fluffy little romance novels because they are the bread and butter of adult fiction sometimes. If I’m facing a reading slump or I’m trying to pull myself out of a book hangover, short and sweet romances such as All I’ve Wanted All I’ve Needed are the perfect things to perk my […]


  • Book Review ♡ After by Anna Todd (A-Z Reading Challenge)

    Day one of the ‘2020 A-Z Reading Challenge and of course that means I am starting with the letter ‘A’. Let’s quickly revisit the rules of the challenge before we dive into today’s book. The rules of the challenge are simple: one book for twenty-six days. Every day the title of the book I read […]

  • Cover Reveal ❄ Let It Snow by Cassie Cross

    Christmas is coming and I have absolutely no idea where the last nine months of my life have vanished in. I apologise for the massive delay in putting any posts up. The second the United Kingdom came out of lockdown, I made it my mission to have plans every weekend – most involved my new […]