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Blog Tour ♡ Dateable by Natalie Decker (Review, Guest Post & Giveaway)

So I’ve been having problems logging in over the last week or so, so I’ve got a couple of late posts coming up – the first of which being Dateable by Natalie Decker! A cute little lightweight read for anybody who enjoys contemporary romances, Dateable is an interesting story of coding, blackmail and finding love in the most unlikely places!

title ♡ dateable
author ♡ natalie decker
genre ♡ young adult; contem; romance
pages ♡ 180
publisher ♡ swoon romance
series ♡ no app required, #1
release date ♡ 10 nov, 2020 (swoon)

goodreads ♡ amazon

Sixteen-year-old Keilah Evans is completely undateable. The crush she has on Gage Fitch? Forget it. He has no idea she exists. But Keilah has something other girls at school don’t: She can code. Keilah decides to solve her dating woes by anonymously creating a hook-up app.

Soon, her app is in demand at every high school in the state. But instead of hooking Keilah up with Gage, the app ships her best friend with him! To make matters worse, a glitch in the app exposes student data, and now, parents, school boards, and the public are demanding the creator of the app’s head on a platter. When a savvy hacker finds out Keilah is behind the app, he uses the info to blackmail her.

In order to save herself and her app, Keilah must make some hard decisions, including seeking help from the last person on Earth she should trust: Ryder Coleson.

With the help of some unlikely allies, Keilah will soon discover she may not be so undateable after all and when it comes to dating, there’s no app required.

This book was such a cute little read that had me fawning over Keilah and Ryder for a couple of hours. I always enjoy little novels like this one because they’re so easy and fun to read, without making you think intensively. When I’ve had a long day in the office (even though I’m working from home at the moment), books like Dateable are the perfect little reads to avoid falling into a book hangover.

The story follows Keilah (love the name, btw) who just cannot talk to the boy she fancies. I think any teenage girl can pretty much relate to that – I know at that age I certainly couldn’t speak to boys I even remotely fancied! Keilah is shy, funny and intelligent – a sweet character and a protagonist I didn’t mind following through the story. So, to remedy the fact she can’t speak to this boy, she creates a sort-of dating app in the hopes it will pair her with him. Of course this causes a lot of drama because let’s face it, dating apps and teenagers are never the best match. The plot was pretty sweet and simple, keeping as pretty easy flowing as it possibly could. As the book was only one-hundred and eighty pages, there wasn’t too much depth that could be added to the story. However I liked this, as no part of the story felt unnecessary or dragging the reading down. Everything seemed to fit together perfectly.

When I originally saw the cover for this book, I was impressed by the idea that the lead character isn’t your typical all-American girl. There isn’t a big light shone on girls who code, as the whole hobby is often pinned as something that only boys are really interested in. So I was excited to see how this was portrayed with Keilah’s personality, and I was definitely not disappointed. Though the romance of the story was a little predictable (as these small novels often tend to be), I was still super happy with the outcome of the story.

If you’re looking for a little read, then I’d definitely recommend Dateable. As the story was on the smaller side and I was able to guess the plot pretty easily, I feel comfortable giving this book four out of five. It’s the perfect story if you have some time to kill after a long day or a little journey coming up! I’m excited to see what the author gives us next!

*I was gifted a copy by the author and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Remember that not everybody will have the same opinion! Something that worked for me might not work for you, and visa versa. The whole internet has an opinion, so check out a few others before you decide to dish or ditch this book!

Michelle @ Book Briefs says “This book was a lot of fun.”

Maddy @ Radiant Reading Reviews says “It felt like the main character’s family did not support her at all.”

Guest Post!

Hello, I’m Natalie and I’m so happy to be here today.

There are some things I’d love to share that most do not know about me. I have a tendency to scrunch my nose when I’m writing, but can’t really get my thoughts out on the page in the order I need. I love Target and have a habit of going there at least three times a week and spend far too much. I have a passion for cooking. No, it’s bad. I make my own sauces, pastas, the works. My biggest secret though is I never intended to be an author. I had a habit of writing elaborate stories when it was called upon to do so in English class starting in middle school then throughout college. To me though, they were just assignments In ever took them seriously. I never read them and said, “Wow I should do this.” My English professor tried to convince me that this was where my talents were, but I laughed at him. Literally laughed in his face. Yes, I know, not my finer moments.

As a young adult at the time, I was horrible at listening to authority figures. I did not enjoy being told I was wrong in any kind of way. Naturally, I tried rebelling against this very idea and kept pursing what I was there for anyway which was Math. Again, yes, I know, total utter opposites of the spectrum. This though is something not very many know about me. The other thing I wanted to do was become a chef, but my family was against that whole idea from the start. Not that I couldn’t cook, they didn’t think you needed to go to school for something like this. Therefore, I went to my second option which was Math. So how did I get into writing books? After my daughter was born, I did a lot of reading in my down time. A lot of napping too. I had this story that would not leave my head. It was stuck until I finally started writing it out. At first, using pen and paper but it was taking entirely too long, and my hands were getting sore after a while.

Yes, I am ambidextrous. My mother is left-handed, father is right, and when I learned to write I used both hands because I couldn’t decide. However, two hands couldn’t save me from getting cramps from writing too much. I began to type. Once I fluttered about the keyboard it never stopped until I was finished. That’s how I stopped rebelling and gave into my talents. I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better!


Natalie Decker is the author of the bestselling YA series Rival Love, YA series Offsides, and NA series Scandalous Boys. She loves her family, her awesome dog, friends, carefree days, football, fuzzy blankets, traveling, reading, cooking, writing, and is a huge Denver Broncos fan. Her imagination is always going, which some find odd. But she believes in seeing the world in a different light at all times. An avid reader of everything. If she’s not at a Target or Starbucks because those are her favs, she might be typing away on her laptop, reading a book, hanging out with her amazing family, or she’s off having an adventure. Because Natalie believes in a saying: Your life is your own journey, so make it amazing!

Another book down, another review uploaded! Can you name a book you want to know more about but can’t find on my blog? Something stuck on your TBR list? Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think. All read requests are acknowledged and appreciated! Until next time guys,


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