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Cover Reveal ❄ Let It Snow by Cassie Cross

Christmas is coming and I have absolutely no idea where the last nine months of my life have vanished in. I apologise for the massive delay in putting any posts up. The second the United Kingdom came out of lockdown, I made it my mission to have plans every weekend – most involved my new beau Topher (who is probably reading this now, shaking his head at his “ridiculous” pet name).

With #Lockdown2 hitting the UK as of yesterday, and all the craziness of the Pandemic running rampant across the world still, I know for a fact that the build up to Christmas is going to involve a lot Netflix Christmas movies, baking and just general weight-gaining. So, how best to celebrate the upcoming festive season, than with a few cheap-and-cheerful Christmas romances here and there!

title ❄ let it snow
author ❄ cassie cross
genre ❄ contemporary, romance, holiday, chick-lit, women’s fiction
pages ❄ unknown
publisher ❄ unknown
series ❄ none
release date ❄ november 12, 2020

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I’m living for the simplicity of the cover to be honest! From the super-toned down colour scheme to the use of a drawn, cartoon-like couple, the front cover illustration looks both classy and timeless. I often feel like adult-fiction, specifically romance books, have a little bit of tacky look to them. The cover’s aren’t particularly too appealing to me. I just don’t get the tacky vibe from this beautiful little cover and it makes me super excited to read the book.

By now, you’re probably thinking “but Dee, you haven’t even provided the synopsis of the book! How are we ever going to decide whether we want to read it?!” So I present to you, the synopsis:

Amy Winstead is a twenty something video producer who loves Christmas more than anyone she’s ever known. This year, the holidays are gonna be a lot less happy because she can’t afford the plane ticket home to celebrate with her family, and her best and oldest friend Josh is moving halfway across the country for a new job that he couldn’t turn down.

When Josh asks her to accompany him on his road trip from Texas to Connecticut and offers to pay for her plane ticket back home, how could Amy say no? He’s promised some fun surprises on the trip, and more time with him could never be a bad thing.

One surprise Josh hasn’t planned on is the record-breaking blizzard heading their way. They decide to wait out the storm in the charming town of Holly Hill, where a little holiday magic and a lot of snow combine to help Josh and Amy realize that the something that’s always simmered between them could easily become something more…

amazon website

The absolutely beauty of the book is that it is currently only 79p ($1) to pre-order on Amazon. Once the book is released on November 12, it will be delivered to your Amazon Kindle device/app and you will have a brand-new winter romance to sink your teeth into. I’ve already pre-ordered my copy (because, I mean, who doesn’t love a book for 79p?!).


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